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Americus Video #8: Spy Carts Talkback

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

The main image for Americus Video #8: "Spy Carts," featuring two carts—a red one against a yellow background and a yellow one against a red background.

The idea for this came during orientation for my pandemic job as a cart associate at ShopRite. We were told not to leave ads for sales in the carts as people could take them to rival stores, like Acme, and potentially hurt business. This got me thinking about spy carts moving on their own and taking discarded ads in them to their stores. I was intending for production of this one to be fun and easy, as I was hoping to create a silly, cartoonish comic with no commentary or hidden meanings or anything. As it was, the production turned out to be the opposite of easy.

While working on this in November, I was also working on an entry for Jimmy Davis' Overlooked YTPer Collab (I ended up being featured in Part 2) and uploading commercials from November 2000 online. Then, in the middle of the month, an immediate family member got infected with COVID-19 and had to quarantine. I was concerned about my father and/or myself getting infected and I figured an infected me couldn't touch my laptop (as I had forgotten that COVID-19 only lasts an hour or so on hard surfaces) as I didn't know any effects Redi Wipes would have on it. Then, in December, in addition to Christmas preparation at my house, my ShopRite job got much busier than usual, causing all my time to be taken up by that and hardly any time for myself.

Some parts were difficult to draw, too, like the cart turning its "head" to look around and the explosion (something I had never drawn/colored before). This issue also marks the last appearance of the terrible, lazy purple "crowd" blob.


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