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Helen Ethanson.

Pages: 6

Released: April 25, 2020

Synopsis: A viral pandemic causes Helen's inner boomer, already barely contained, to come out.

Pages: 3

Released: September 5, 2018

Synopsis: Helen gets infuriated as her mother, Bonnie, tries in vain to talk.

Pages: 1

Released: August 18, 2017

Synopsis: Helen tries to teach the ditzy Alyson how the clique works...again.

Pages: 1

Released: March 18, 2017

Synopsis: Helen encounters a donation table for fallen soldiers.

Pages: 4

Released: August 15, 2019

Synopsis: In this completely original Monty Python rip-off, Alyson creates a little confusion for Helen and Elaine.

Pages: 1

Released: April 4, 2018

Synopsis: Helen gives her oral report on a historical event.

Pages: 1

Released: May 4, 2017

Synopsis: Just another study hall for Kate and Helen & friends.

Like Herrings and Onions is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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