Pages: 4

Released: January 20, 2019

Synopsis: Upon meeting Jenny the gorilla, ardor hits Ryan hard.

5. Crime

Pages: 7

Released: December 15, 2017

Synopsis: Ed and Mary try another scheme.

3. The Chip

Pages: 6

Released: June 8, 2017

Synopsis: Ryan tries to teach about credit card chips at another day at Hardware, Inc.

1. Self-Checkout

Pages: 12

Released: March 1, 2017

Synopsis: On a busy Sunday at Hardware, Inc., Ed has to use self-checkout seven.

6. Terminated

Pages: 5

Released: January 20, 2019

Synopsis: Ryan makes the terrible mistake of getting frustrated with his job.

4. Halloween

Pages: 14

Released: October 7, 2017

Synopsis: A collection of Halloween-related images featuring the main squirrels.

2. Ed's Card Trick

Pages: 1

Released: May 30, 2017

Synopsis: Ed makes Ryan take part in his card trick.

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