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The Sbuirrels #14: "Fame" Talkback

The cover for the 14th issue of the webcomic series "The Sbuirrels" entitled "Fame." It's a recreation of the cover for the 12th issue "The Wound" using digital die, which are colored black and have colored numbers. Made using GIMP and a plug-in for the software.

As you probably know by now, the previous issue, "Fortune," was just a remake of the twelfth issue, "The Wound," created with digitally-created die via a GIMP plug-in. Well, this issue, "Fame," does something similar. Instead of white die with black dots as seen in "Fortune," "Fame" has black die with colored numbers! Totally different!

As a result, the images in this issue appear rather dark. The numbers seem to be the original respective colors for "The Wound" and would probably have to be extremely vivid and bright to appear as the original color.

Bonus disclaimer: Due to recent events and my own personal convictions, I wish to emphasize that this website, its material, and its creator do not in any way endorse the thoughts, beliefs, and behavior of any pro-Palestine protests done by college students at UPenn, Rutgers, Columbia, and all other colleges.


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