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The Sbuirrels #11: "Waygate" Talkback

A pair of panels with rough sketches, serving as the main image for the 11th issue of "The Sbuirrels" called "Waygate".

No cover for this issue, so there'll be nothing for Zazzle (or even Redbubble) this update.

Producing webcomics all by yourself takes a good long while, especially when you have an extra paying job, festive/birthday celebrations, and other things happening concurrently.

I needed a new webcomic issue for The Sbuirrels, as the last issue of the series was the Christmas issue from December 2021, and my last update for the site as a whole was the creation of my Zazzle account back in November 2023.

This issue, the eleventh issue, was supposed to be completed, inked and colored and everything. But the time since my last update was increasing greatly and, as aforementioned, producing webcomics takes a long while all by yourself.

Over the past few years, I've been watching (and mainly re-watching) early Adult Swim shows, including the primordial one: Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Taking inspiration from Ghost Planet Industries/Williams Street, I figured out what they would do if in my position: They would probably release the rough sketch versions of the issue they were doing already.

So, consider this to be an Adult-Swim-esque filler issue to tide you over. Expect a completed version of this issue, the 12th issue, to be released later.

The name for this issue is a play on "gateway," as in the Xfinity wi-fi gateway my family recently received that works for all our devices, except my Windows 8.1 recently (though it worked at first).

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