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The Sbuirrels #10 - "A Sbuirrels Christmas" Talkback

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

The cover for the tenth issue of "The Sbuirrels" called "A Sbuirrels Christmas," an homage to the 1994 Paramount VHS cover of "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

This issue marks three major milestones for The Sbuirrels. First, it's the first Christmas issue; second, it's the tenth issue of the series; and third, it's the first of my webcomics to break the double-digit barrier in terms of amount.

I had developed this idea around Christmastime 2017. I thought of the famous gag from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation about the squirrel in the tree. I thought of my webcomic series with squirrels and decided to play around with the gag and the result was finally produced four years later.

During production, I neglected to do something important that I somehow forgot about, something I learned from both a book and from experience. That thing was this: In order to have something in time for a specific release time, such as a holiday, said thing must be produced months in advance so it will be ready one time. I learned this from my copy of the Garfield 20th anniversary book from 1998 when it was mentioned that Christmas strips are usually produced in September. Also, I produced the Halloween issue of 2017 in July that year after developing the idea not that long ago. In contrast, I produced this one quickly starting on/around November 29. Around this time, I got a new job as a graphic designer/producer at Replica Creative and quit my CSA job at ShopRite. This new job, based in Philadelphia, takes up a lot more of my time, but not as much as ShopRite because I come home earlier and have more time for DoorJam Creations. I ended up rushing this issue a little as a result, worrying if it would be produced in time, even as I was also setting up Christmas decorations at my home, too!

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