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The Sbuirrels #13 - "Fortune" Talkback

The cover for the 13th issue of "The Sbuirrels," named "Fortune." The cover, along with the whole issue, is altered via a GIMP plug-in to be made of white die with black dots.

The idea for this issue came to me on February 8, 2024 when I saw that day's Square Root of Minus Garfield. Some time later, on the mezzacotta forums, I asked the original strip creator, Muk, how he did it. He said I needed specifically GIMP to do what he did, so he have me a link to download GIMP and another one for the software's plugin, G'MIC-Qt.

The style of dice featured in this issue are white die with black numbers. This strangely results in originally darker colors now appearing lighter and vice versa. I don't know why that is.


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