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Americus Video #9: "Child-Friendly Content" Talkback

I plan this issue to be the first of what will hopefully become a regular tradition on DoorJam Creations, specifically for Americus Video. Now admittedly, AV is the most off-the-wall of all my webcomics, but for every April Fool's Day from now on, I plan to post something that's extremely crazy, noticeable, and/or disturbing, even for it's standards.

I've actually had the main idea for this concept for four years. I originally used by Rutgers-Camden graphic designer training of thinking oddly, often deconstructing things. I deconstructed the basic concept of a comic, a sequence of events with each panel depicting one moment of time in that sequence, and took it to it's most horrifying conclusion. The original idea was a panel from a comic advertising a cereal, but years later, as I was researching comic ads from 50 years ago, I found this. The link featured many comic ads, including some for dolls. I knew I found the perfect subject matter after that.

I inked both the cover and the comic in Illustrator, but also used the software in coloring the comic itself, to give it a flat look, as if it was printed on paper first and aged 50 years.

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