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The Epiflairy: Book II Talkback

Wavy Òchen does her part in flooding broad Ürt, because it's required.

The first three chapters of book 2 cover the "fall" of humanity, the inevitable great flood, and a subsequent (and incredibly awkward) Adam-and-Eve situation.

While re-reading Metamorphoses for this as research, I became enamored by the dramatic language used in the text and wanted to catch a similar feeling to it here, albeit without copying it directly. It's most apparent in the flood chapter and Stîf and Laîf chapter.

In the former chapter, Tõndurûr (renamed here due to an issue with the u-caron character I didn't notice until last night), the storm beast, makes a hasty reappearance, allegedly being there all along, simply because I initially forgot about him when writing the chapter, as a result of me trying to mimic Ovid's writing style and forgetting about The Epiflairy's established mythos, such as it is.

I was also planning to have a Noah's Ark story due to me misremembering the content of Ovid's original story/order, so it had to go.

This will be the last time the measly "Book I" button will appear by itself on the site, but it's available on the Wayback Machine, albeit without Wix animations. They don't seem to work on IA for some reason.

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