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The Sbuirrels #3 - "The Chip" Talkback

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Original Release Date: June 8, 2017

Ryan explains how the chip works to a hick customer.

Another telling of my time at Lowe's. I believe the chip in general was first being introduced around the time I started working there. I was told that the chip was used for credit payments, even if it was on a debit card, and debit payments were made by swiping the card. I managed to grasp the concept fairly quickly. Customers on the other hand...

This issue is in the style of verbose memes, which were popular at the time of this creation. I drew this issue on a Wacom tablet. I find it much easier than scanning in drawings. That being said, making deliberately poor drawings, as found in the last two pages, is extremely difficult. The early issues of all my webcomics were off-model, but nowhere as bad as this.


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