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Americus Video #1 - "The End" Talkback

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Original Release Date: January 17, 2017

EDIT 11/20/20: The link above no longer works. This issue is available in two parts:

A typical face of any cashier in any era at any store.

This was the first of three webcomics that debuted on DoorJam Creations. I made each of them in the autumn of 2016 and released them the following January.

The early issues of all my webcomics were scanned hand drawn images that were colored and lettered in Photoshop. I had originally saved them as TIFs, hoping it would be printed much, much later in book form (I was extremely ambitious). For web publication, I converted said TIFF files into JPEGs. However, as ultimately it didn't fit into a large section of the web page, the resulting image ended up having a fair amount of JPEG artifacting and pixelization.

Page 8 was originally repeated for a eight pages before finally moving on. However, I later retooled the entire site to include Wix Code and decided to create category pages for my design work and webcomics, the latter being featured in a Wix portfolio gallery (selected due to have arrows you can click left and right to simulate comic book pages being turned), and this new presentation ended up cutting most of the ending pages. Consequently, I had to reduce the amount of repetitions of page 8 from eight times to a single time.

The old hick is a parody of many older customers I had to encounter at self-checkout at Lowe's, where I worked at the time. Perhaps my frustration came from me mastering how the self-checkout machines worked quickly, but despite the clear step-by-step process on how to make a transaction at the self-checkout machines, customers usually don't do them correctly for whatever reason and we cashiers usually had to help them out frequently. The fact that Lowe's would have only the self-checkout open on the front end (and no other one) didn't help matters.

On a lighter note, Vitruvia Titling makes an appearance on page 13.


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