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Derek the Steam Engine #6: "Daniel the Tourettes Engine" Talkback

Daniel the Tourettes Engine on the right. Edmund the Purple Engine on the left.

Derek the Steam Engine returns with a new character, Daniel the Tourettes Engine. This character was inspired by now-deleted YouTube videos I discovered in 2013 featuring clips of Thomas the Tank Engine, mainly featuring James the Red Engine, having audio clips from The Tourette's Guy playing over them. They were labeled "James the Tourettes Engine."

Like Edmund on his left in the picture, Daniel's design is based on the PRR D1 4-4-0. Like many of the train characters here, finding profile/perspective pictures of the D1 4-4-0 was hard. Another difficult bit was trying to create curve-less diagonal lines in Illustrator with the Blob Brush. In Photoshop, I would use the Wacom pen at one point and place it at another point while holding the Shift key to create a diagonal.

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