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Derek the Steam Engine #3 - "The Retarded Story of David" Talkback

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Derek the Steam Engine #3 - “The Retarded Story of David”

Original Release Date: November 23, 2018

Once an engine pulling a train was triggered by some drops of rain.

Somewhere's Sir Topham Hatt, Wilbert Vere Thomson, makes his first appearance here. The source of his first and middle names come from the Revered W. Awdry, the creator of Thomas the Tank Engine; his full name was Wilbert Vere Awdry. The character's surname is the same as John Edgar Thompson, the civil engineer and industrialist who ran the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Hey, wanna know why the Sodor of Derek is called Somewhere? I read on Wikipedia (so I can't be entirely sure of this tidbit's veracity) that Awdry had written in his original notes for Thomas that the Island of Sodor was originally called Nowhere. Whether he was considering this to be the real name or just a joke placeholder name isn't immediately clear.

The parts of the text that devolve into gibberish in the middle and end of the story are the text equivalent of distortion effects in sound and visuals from Sony Vegas, often found in YouTube Poops and shitposts.


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