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Like Herrings and Onions #3 - "Lessons" Talkback

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Original Release Date: August 18, 2017

Helen just can't seem to get a damn thing through Alyson's head.

“Lessons” gives us some more insight into Helen's philosophy on life, as well as introduce us to the ditzier, kinder member of Helen's clique, Alyson Shain. I returned to scanned drawings, thinking it would prevent JPEG artifacting and it didn't, so I ultimately returned to drawing on my Wacom tablet.

I mentioned in the previous LHAO talkback on how I seemed to find a solution to the pixelization of previous issues. For many of the earlier issues, I had first saved them as TIFs (for publication, again I was extremely ambitious) and shrunk the TIFs to 72 ppi and saved them JPEG (and later PNG) files. So, for the improved versions, I first altered the 300 ppi versions to 13 inches (the width of the Wix gallery for the version with Wix code) and shrunk them to 72 ppi, making the new width of the documents 936 pixels, the same as the said Wix gallery.

This, however, didn't solve the problem entirely. Some issues I made originally at 72 ppi often have some pixelation, but not as much as before. But, hey, what can you do?


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