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Like Herrings and Onions #7: "Pandemic" Talkback

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

There was an early version of this story that I barely remember. It went similarly here with Helen and Alyson harassing an Asian-American man and accusing him of being Chinese. I think it didn't have Helen explaining her thought process about Asian people and the coronavirus. We just went straight to them and the Korean guy. But I didn't know how to progress it towards the ending. The girls yell at an Asian guy, who isn't even Chinese, to go back to China. Then what?

I then figured out Helen should show off some "smarts," so to speak, and spout out a nonsensical theory about how people of Asian descent are somehow spreading COVID-19 and manipulate Alyson into joining her "help" out the world. It showed off qualities and hints of Azula and Cartman, some influences in creating Helen.


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