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"Americus Video, Vol. 1: Fountains 'R' Mutt (2017 - 2019)" Talkback

The cover for the book "Americus Video, Vol. 1: Fountains 'R' Mutt (2017 - 2019)" (2021). The cover is supposed to look like a rental store tape cover design, in the vein of Blockbuster and Hollywood Video.

After the "sneak preview" of sorts that was The Holy Trinity, I finally created my first ever book collection, featuring all the issues of Americus Video published from 2017 to 2019. This book features Monty-Python-like links between the issues and, given that later issues, have covers (which would be rather hard to link), this will most likely be the only Americus Video book to feature links. The only link I'm not too fond of here is the reference to The New Yorker as The New Woker. I feel that it's a little too much like a Dave Rubin "joke."

When I was setting up the PDF for the book, Amazon kept on rejecting it, despite me seemingly placing everything within the correct margins. They said that there was text outside the margins, even though it was a comic book and text appeared to be within the margins. I ultimately emailed them about this and they said it was the page numbers that weren't within the margins. Fearing that they could possibly clash with the panels on certain pages, I ended up moving them up. If any page numbers do appear to be close to the panels, that's the reason why.


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