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Americus Video #10: "Decimation" Talkback

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

The cover for the tenth issue of "Americus Video," an abstract glitch style.

This issue marks the second tenth issue of one of my webcomics, in this case Americus Video. The idea for this one came from a few classic Square Root of Minus Garfield strips, mainly No. 9, which showed how daily Garfield strips are formulaic visually, with dialogue and the characters usually never changing positions at all. I've been feeling that all of my webcomics in general have been developing a similar sterility in terms of layout for some time, since at least I started posting them on DeviantArt. I ended up using my imagination, along with referencing some other issues on the site (mainly of Americus Video), to find the visual/color averaging for all my webcomics and placed content for this issue in differing places from the normal.

The word decimation is now known as a synonym for destruction, but it originally referred to an Ancient Roman discipline where every tenth man in a group was killed by his fellow members. Considering that this is the tenth issue of Americus Video and it destroys the standard layout formula of my previous webcomics, the title "Decimation" seems very appropriate.


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